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  • Water Quality Management

    Water Quality Management

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Water Quality Management

Water quality is integral to the health of Monterey County’s local and coastal marine ecosystems, including those of Elkhorn Slough, Carmel Bay and the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary. Local water quality can be affected by runoff water from rural or urban properties, either by rain, irrigation systems, or washing a car in one’s driveway. Surface water runoff from farms, ranches and residential properties can carry contaminants such as sediment, nutrients and chemicals into wetlands, lagoons and streams, which adversely affects wildlife.

The RCD assists local land managers with conservation practices to manage the amount, rate, and quality of runoff that leaves their properties as they do their part to protect local water quality. The RCD has supported implementation of two regional treatment wetland projects in the lower Salinas River, coordinating with local agencies, non-profits and growers to design and implement two potential Blanco Drain treatment wetland projects and also providing design and technical support for Central Coast Wetlands Group treatment wetland projects.

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