Monterey & Santa Cruz County High School Students Compete in Land-judging Contest for Range Camp Scholarship

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March 10, 2017

Twenty-nine students from five local high schools in Salinas, Watsonville, Gonzalez and Soledad will be competing next week in a land-judging contest, hosted by the FARMS Leadership Program and Resource Conservation District. The land-judging contest will be held on farmland south of Salinas managed by the local farming company, Christiansen and Giannini LLC. During the contest, students will evaluate three separate soil pits, typically 5 feet deep and 15 feet long, using evaluation criteria established by the California Future Farmers of America (FFA) and a standardized Soil Classification System. Each student begins by judging a pit’s soil characteristics at ground surface level, and then climbs down into the pit to continue evaluating the soil structure below ground, as soil properties that affect fertility, drainage and plant rooting change with depth.

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